Learn About ABC Bakers

ABC Bakers is proud to be the oldest Girl Scout Cookie baker in the United States. Since 1937, we have empowered and supported the nation’s largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world, helping provide girls with a program that teaches them essential life skills, and creates year-round amazing experiences powered by cookies.


ABC Bakers offers to Girl Scout Councils a rich selection of the following Girl Scout Cookies®:


Besides offering delicious, fresh cookies, we help Girl Scout councils create extraordinary experiences for Girl Scouts & Troops, through training, tools, resources and activity materials that include sales tips and guides, an annual recognition program, innovative technology tools, and essential marketing pieces (including the annual volunteer magazine and rally guide). Every tool we provide is designed to support girls and volunteers, and make the cookie sale a fun and meaningful developmental learning experience.

We also work to make sure our practices are considerate to the environment. Learn more about our earth-friendly practices here.