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Girl Scout Cookie Program

The Girl Scout Cookie Program isn’t just about selling cookies— it’s about developing skills and learning new things! Goal setting is just 1 of 5 essential skills a Girl Scout develops through the Cookie Program. Do you know the rest?

Business Ethics - Girls act honestly and responsibly during every step of the cookie sale. This matters because employers want to hire ethical employees—and the world needs ethical leaders in every field.

Goal Setting - Girls learn how to set goals and create a plan to reach them. This matters because girls need to know how to set and reach goals to succeed in school, on the job, and in life.

Decision Making - Girls learn to make decisions on their own and as a team. This matters because girls must make many decisions, big and small, in their lives. Learning this skill helps them make good ones.

Money Management - Girls learn to create a budget and handle money. This matters because girls need to know how to handle money—from their lunch money to their allowance to (someday) their paycheck.

People Skills - Girls find their voice and build confidence through customer interactions. This matters because it helps them do better in school (on group projects, on sports teams, and on the playground) and, later, at work.

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